Journal of Epidemiology


Supplement Issue Publication

A supplement is a collection of articles that addresses a particular theme or topic. Supplements are published as a separate issue of the journal and are usually funded by sources other than the journal's publisher. They are intended to facilitate the presentation and exchange of research findings. Editorial policy for supplements published in the Journal of Epidemiology (JE) is discussed below.

1) Editorial and peer review

Supplements will be considered for publication only if their content is original and unbiased. If previously published research is to be included, this must be made clear, and the original publication must be acknowledged.

A group of authors proposing the publication of a supplement ("proposers") should specify guest editors (in principle, two guest editors) who will be responsible for reviewing all manuscripts.

First, proposers are required to send the JE Editorial Office a proposed concept and list of manuscripts, which need to be approved by the JE Editorial Board.

As with regular submissions, the journal editor retains the right to assign any manuscript submitted for a supplement to peer review and to reject any such manuscript.

The submission of manuscripts for supplements must proceed according to procedures specified by the editorial office. The process of peer review for manuscripts submitted as supplement articles is done under the same standards as those used for regular manuscripts.

Sources of funding for research and publication, as well as any other conflicts of interest, must be clearly disclosed in the supplement.

2) Publishing

The number of printed copies of a supplement must equal or exceed that of a regular issue of JE. Proposers may order reprints of the supplement.

The JE Editorial Office must be involved in the preparation and publication of supplements, including the submission process and issues related to financing.

The publication schedule should be agreed in advance and strictly adhered to. Supplements will be published no earlier than 1 year after all manuscripts (including the preface) are received by the JE Editorial Office.

3) Commercial concerns

Proposers are responsible for all costs of publication, including but not limited to costs related to editing, printed publication, online journal publication, the online submission process, peer review, English proofing, and mailing.

Proposers should provide a rough estimate of costs, after publication of the supplement has been tentatively approved. The editing cost will be calculated based on the quality of the proposal and manuscripts and actual time spent for manuscript editing.

Advertising will not be displayed in commercially sponsored supplements.

4) Other issues

Manuscripts must be prepared in accordance with the journal's Guide for Authors, unless otherwise specified.