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Annual subscriptions to the print edition of the Journal of Epidemiology (domestic only)

Annual subscriptions are based on calendar year. Each subscription includes a set of 6 booklets, each containing 2 issues, giving a total of 12 issues for the calendar year in which the subscription is made. Booklets are published on the 5th of every even-numbered month.

The current volume for subscription is 2023 (Volume 33). Subscriptions for 2023 can be made at any time up to the end of 2022.

Subscriptions do not automatically renew in the following calendar year; to continue receiving the journal, subscriptions should be renewed by the end of the year prior to the volume for subscription.

To order back issues, please contact the JEA office at the address below. Note that all back issue requests are subject to availability.
Annual subscription fee (for 6 booklets, including tax and domestic mailing costs):

- JEA member:  9,000 JPY
- non-member: 26,000 JPY

Back issue requests are fulfilled after payment is confirmed.

-For overseas subscriptions, please contact the JEA office below.
-For single-issue purchases, please contact the JEA office below.
  Single-issue price (including tax and domestic mailing costs):
    - JEA members: 2,000 JPY/issue
    - Non-members: 5,000 JPY/issue
- The Journal of Epidemiology is an open access journal. An online version is available at

- Publication schedule

Volume Issue Online publication  Printed version publicatoin
33 1 Jan-5, 2023 (Combined)
33 2 Feb-5, 2023 Feb-5, 2023
33 3 Mar-5, 2023 (Combined)
33 4 Apr-5, 2023 Apr-5, 2023
33 5 May-5, 2023 (Combined)
33 6 Jun-5, 2023 Jun-5, 2023
33 7 Jul-5, 2023 (Combined)
33 8 Aug-5, 2023 Aug-5, 2023
33 9 Sep-5, 2023 (Combined)
33 10 Oct-5, 2023 Oct-5, 2023
33 11 Nov-5, 2023 (Combined)
33 12 Dec-5, 2023 Dec-5, 2023

CONTACT:  Japan Epidemiological Association (JEA) office  ( )

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  • This order is for the print edition of the Journal of Epidemiology for 2023 (Volume 33).
  • The volume includes all 12 issues (six booklets) of the volume year as a set.
  • The subscription will commence after payment of the annual subscription fee is confirmed.
  • All collected information will be handled with care in accordance with the “Privacy Policy” of the Japan Epidemiological Association (JEA). JEA will never disclose information to third parties without your consent.
  • Please confirm your email address to complete your order. After your submission, if you do not receive an automatic reply email, please contact the JEA office.