Journal of Epidemiology


Publication Fee

This journal does not charge submission fees.

The publication fees for this journal are 70,000 JPY per article for Japan Epidemiological Association members and 180,000 JPY per article for non-members for papers of 7 published pages or less.

To qualify for the member discount, both the first author and corresponding author must be JEA members at the time of submission. For papers of 8 published pages or more, both members and non-members alike will be charged a further 10,000 JPY for each additional page exceeding 7 pages.

Publication of Letters to the Editor will cost 10,000 JPY per page regardless of membership status. There are no charges for responses to Letters to the Editor.

Publication of Erratum will cost 10,000 JPY per page for members and non-members alike.

The publication fee will be waived if the first and corresponding authors can document that they are resident nationals of a country having a low-income economy.

The publication fee includes taxes.