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Guidelines of the Recommendation for the Encouragement Award of the Japan Epidemiological Association

Based on the detailed regulations on the Encouragement Award of the Japan Epidemiological Association, we will wait for the recommendation of candidates who fulfill the following requirements written below:

  • The Japan Epidemiological Association Encouragement Award shall be awarded to those who are members of the Association and have carried out excellent epidemiological research; and the results have been presented in the academic journal of the Association, the Journal of Epidemiology, and furthermore, his/her future research development can be expected for (an individual in principle).
  • Candidates are limited to members of this association with a history of continuous membership for three years or more. The candidates should be under 45 years of age at the time of the recommendation deadline date of the calendar year of the award.

 Furthermore, the period for submitting recommendation forms is from May 1st to June 30th, and in principle, recommendations will be received from delegates (including ex-delegates and ex-councilors). Please note that each delegate may recommend one candidate only.

Please download the recommendation form from the webpage “various procedures (”, and send six copies, including the original copy, to the Japan Epidemiological Association Office, by June 30th (date of postmark is valid).