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Regarding the 2023 Election of delegates

Based on the “Bylaws on the election of delegates and board members” (Page 3 to 8) and the “Rules regarding the Election of Delegates” (Page 9 to 10), an election of the delegates will be held by affiliated regional divisions. 
Elected delegates will, at the end of the election, immediately become representatives of the General Incorporated Association. Term starts from the end of the 2023 election and ends at the end of the 2025 election of delegates. 

  1. Number of delegates required
    Hokkaido/Tohoku ( 23 )  Kantokoshinetsu ( 43 )  Tokyo ( 58 )  Chubu ( 29 )
    Kinki ( 43 )  Chugoku/Shikoku ( 15 )  Kyushu/Okinawa ( 21 )
  2. Voters
    Those who have continuously been ordinary members since 2022, and who have made full payment of their membership fees up to 2022 by April 30, 2023. (Students whose membership fee for the year 2022 was waived are excluded.)
  3. Voting
    Ballots will be cast online. Detailed steps for casting ballots will be notified on June 14. Please select candidates within the maximum limit of candidates within the given region and make sure to cast your vote before the deadline, Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 (12:00pm Japan Time).
    Please note that we require members to update their registered information before voting.
    Please see the list of candidates at the followaing membership only pages:
  4. Deadline for voting
    Wednesday, June 28th, 2023 at noon (12:00pm) Japan Time
  5. Counting ballots and decision of elected delegates
    Wednesday, June 28th ,2023  4:00PM (Japan Time)

    “Rules regarding the Election of Delegates”
    (Decision of Elected Delegates)
    Article 7       
    (1) Candidates of Delegates will be elected by order of most votes.
    (2) If two or more candidates receive the same number of votes, the Election Administration Committee will decide on the order by drawing.
  6. Announcement of the results
    Thursday, June 29, 2023

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