J-YEN Mailing list Application

Japan Young Epidemiologists Network (J-YEN) members use the mailing list* as a main tool for discussions besides the meeting for early career epidemiologists at the annual meeting of the JEA and boot camp for early career epidemiologists.

Currently, major language used in this mailing list is Japanese (possibly due to high rate of Japanese users). However, we welcome non-Japanese users because automatic and free translation system has been improved and so language is not a huge barrier against communications. Also, we would like to advance international collaborations.

*A mailing list is an email account sent to all members of the list. Members can have a virtual meeting via email by sending and responding to the email. As there is no need to gather at a given time, it is possible to discuss a topic for a long span of weeks or even months.

Recent common topics are information of job offering (research fellow, postdocs, university faculty position, etc.) and announcement of forthcoming events including academic conference, seminar, symposium, workshops.
Members may discuss his/her “opinions regarding epidemiology.” In the past, information such as those listed below were shared on the mailing list.

  • Effectiveness of screening tests
  • Opinion on proportional hazard model
  • Information on career opportunities
  • Information on research meetings

New members are welcome to join the mailing list at any time. Epidemiologists who are members of Japan Epidemiological Association are eligible for registration (but principally limited to those who have been a member of the JEA for less than 20 years.)

Those who are studying abroad (other than Japan) may join without a membership in JEA, but encouraged to join upon return to Japan.

Please fill out the form below if you wish to join the list.

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Please read the rules for the “Japan Young Epidemiologists Network” before joining the mailing list. https://jeaweb.jp/youth/files/kiyaku20160201.pdf

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We welcome new members for Japan Young Epidemiologists Network!

Contact Information

If you have any questions regarding the mailing list, please contact to
Dr Keisuke Kuwahara (Teikyo University Graduate School of Public Health)
E-mail: kkuwahara@med.teikyo-u.ac.jp